Queen's November Spotlight!

Allow us to introduce you to our Queen's Spotlight for November. Entrepreneur and owner of Picture Perfect Jewelry, Latoya Arrington-Barnes. She uses our Honeyshea Butter Soap along with our Coco-Vanilla Body Butter! Thank you so much for your support!

Her Testimony: Soap Brands like Dove and Dial were my favorites at one time but have you ever took the time to read the ingredients of most of the popular brand soaps we use? Most of these chemicals I can't pronounce and were never meant to go on our skin. That's why when I tried A Queen's Essentials it was a completely different experience. Their products are ALL natural, organic and vegan. NO herbicides, Pesticides, fertilizers or harsh dyes which left my skin feeling more vibrant, smooth and healthier. She specializes in troubled and sensitive skin which 1st caught my attention to purchase products for my son but after trying some treats for myself I see why her business is called A Queen's Essentials. She has the Essentials that every Queen needs for a healthy option and a Natural Experience! My personal favorite is the Coco Vanilla Body Butter!! It feels and smells divine! 

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