Queen Care 21 Day Skincare Regimen Day 12

Welcome to Day 12 Queen Care

21 Day Skincare Regimen !

Continuing with the basics:

• Morning and Evening

• Use lukewarm or cool water

• Cleanse your face using your hands

• Use circular motions

• Rinse and pat dry

• Tone using hands or cotton balls

• Moisturize with your favorite moisturizer

Happy Friday! We are still elaborating on Skintypes! So far this week we have addressed dry, oily, and combination skin.

Now for the really good stuff!

*****Sensitive Skin****** You're up!

Having sensitive skin can be frustrating, and trying new products tends to be a gamble most of us won't take. From skin care products to detergents to sunscreens, providing for your sensitive skin can be a struggle. Most commonly, those suffering from sensitive skin will experience:

uneven skin tone








These conditions tend to be made worse by soaps, fragrances, certain types of sunscreens, makeup and stress.

In order to soothe sensitive skin and prevent irritation, we recommend sticking with products that are made from natural or organic ingredients which have been appropriately tested (never on animals) and whose chemical makeup closely resembles your skin's natural components.

Use gentle, soap-free cleaners that contain soothing ingredients that don't strip away moisture. Exfoliate using only gentle products, and don't over-exfoliate.

Stick to moisturizers that are light and those that mimic your skin's own sebum, such as emu or jojoba oil.

Use a toner, not an astringent. A toner will restore your skin's natural pH balance while an astringent contains alcohol that will dry out sensitive skin.

Happy Queen Care! You are stunning!!!

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