Queen Care 21 Day Skincare Regimen Day 16

Welcome to Day 16 Queen Care

21 Day Skin Care Regimen

Continuing the basics!

• Morning and Evening

• Use lukewarm or cool water

• Cleanse your face using your hands

• Use circular motions

• Rinse and pat dry

• Tone using hands or cotton balls

• Moisturize with your favorite moisturizer

Today we are going to elaborate on

***Skin Allergies. ******

A skin allergy is when skin becomes irritated because the immune system reacted to something that is usually harmless. This is called an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction can cause rash, itching, burning, redness, bumps, hives, and swelling. Many different allergens can cause a reaction.

Although allergies are developed during childhood; studies have now proven that allergies also develop during adulthood!

Ugh that would be me!

Common allergic skin conditions: ezcema, dermatitis, hives and or deep skin swelling

The most common causes of skin allergies include:

Nickel, a metal used in jewelry and snaps on jeans, makeup, lotions, soaps, and shampoos

Certain sprays

Medications you put on your skin


Cleaning products

Plants, including poison ivy



Common Food Allergies:





Sesame Seeds


Tree nuts

Please consult your doctor and or allergist to confirm any skin sensitivities or possible allergic reactions. This will allow you to control your skin health! Besides, we want a healthy body too!

Happy Queen Care!

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