Queen Care 21 Day Skincare Regimen Day 20

Welcome to Day 20 Queen Care

21 Day Skincare Regimen!

Continuing with the basics

• Morning and Evening

• Use lukewarm or cool water

• Cleanse your face using your hands

• Use circular motions

• Rinse and pat dry

• Tone using hands or cotton balls

• Moisturize with your favorite moisturizer

Today we are speaking about ***Undertones****

Raise your hand if you were asked about your undertone, and you were like......huh?

You are not alone.

While skin tones are one thing, undertones are completely different, and can often make or break a makeup look.

Skin tones range from very deep to very fair in color, undertone refers to the shade that is within that color.

Your skin tone may change throughout the year (a shade or two deeper in the summer or maybe fairer or lighter in the winter months), but your undertone never changes.

There are three types of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

Warm includes golden, yellow, or peachy undertones.

Cool includes pink, red, or blueish undertones.

You're neutral if you're a mixture warm and cool

One way to identify Your Undertone:

Check the Color of Your Veins

You have cool undertones if you can see blue veins in your skin. If your veins appear green on the skin (olive), you're warm. Neutral is a mixture of both warm and cool undertones.

Happy Queen Care! You are fabulous!

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