Skincare hits deeply in her household. Being a mother of two and a wife whom constantly battled with recurring skin conditions like allergies and eczema, she was determined to resolve her family's skin challenges the natural way. As a Master Cosmetologist since 2001, our owner's constant studies and knowledge of chemicals and the skin (derma) continues to inspire our desire enhance natural skincare to protect skin of all ages and genders.


It is a known fact that commercial soaps, creams, and conditioners tend to be hard on regular skin and even worse if you have sensitive skin. This is because of the harsh dyes, synthetic fragrances, and preservatives. Our organic soaps and body care products contain ingredients produced without the use of herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides. They will never cause the dry feeling you may have experienced with commercial or

non-organic soaps. 


We sell bath and beauty products that are made with natural ingredients, with our soaps being certified by the USDA's National Organic Program, which means exceeding the minimum of 80% organic content without counting water or salt. Some manufacturers may cheat a bit to reach organic content levels. Rest assured that A Queen's Essentials maintains the minimum organic content level in all of our soaps and skincare products. Thank you so much in advance for continuing to support our products in enhancing your natural beauty to stay healthy.